Nafion Tubing

Nafion Tubing
Nafion Tubing
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ProductCode: 1690101

Nafion tubing is ahighly selective, semi-permeable membrane to water vapor. If gases insideNafion tubing are wetter than gases surrounding the tubing, drying will occur.If the surrounding gases are wetter, humidification will occur. In normal use,a portion of Nafion tubing is used as a portion of the tube between a gassample stream and a sensor. If the sample stream is much wetter than ambientair (such as breath samples), the sample falls to ambient humidity. If thesample stream inside is much drier than ambient air (such as calibrationcylinder gases), the sample rises to ambient humidity.

Because Nafion usessulfonic acid sites to selectively transport water molecules out of the tubing,it is not gas permeable. Therefore, Nafion can be used successfully to dryvirtually any gas as long as the chemical compatibility of Nafion is not beingcomprimised.  Nafion is also recommended to be used with water traps andhydrophobic filters that are included with all sampling devices.  Installthe tubing after the filters for optimum performance and protection of thesensor.

Alltubing tolerance is +/- 10%.


Nafion is not onlyhighly resistant to chemical attack by the most common solvents (see thefollowing PDF chart), it also exhibits highly selective absorption and transferof compounds. Most substances are retained quantitatively. Although they do notattack or damage the Nafion tubing, some polar organic substances are absorbedand consequently lost. Ammonia and amines are also absorbed and lost to somedegree.

Forspecific chemicals chemicals that we have performance and selectivityinformation for please view or download our PDFchart here.

LeadTime:  2 to 3 weeks to be expected.

Caution: WhileNafion can remove virtually any humidity from a gas sample, filling it withliquid water will result in the loss of the ability to remove water vapor.Normally, drying the tubing completely will restore functionality

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