GFET-S10 for Sensing applications

GFET-S10 for Sensing applications
GFET-S10 for Sensing applications
Product Description

GFET-S10 (Die size 10 mm x 10 mm) - Processed in Clean Room Class 1000

The GFET-S10 chip from Graphenea provides 36 graphene devices distributed in a grid pattern on the chip.  Thirty devices have a Hall-bar geometry and six have a 2-probe geometry.  The Hall-bar devices can be used for Hall-bar measurements as well as 4-probe and 2-probe devices.  There are varying graphene channel dimensions to allow investigation of geometry dependence on device properties.

The new version replaces Ni/Al contacts by Cr/Au, which are more inert and stable. 


Growth method: CVD synthesis

Chip dimensions: 10 mm x 10 mm

Chip thickness: 675 m

Number of GFETs per chip:  36

Gate oxide thickness: 90 nm

Gate oxide material: SiO2

Dielectric Constant of the SiO2 layer: 3.9

Resistivity of substrate: 1-10 .cm

Metallization: Chromium/Gold 2/50nm

Graphene field-effect mobility: >1000 cm2/V.s

Dirac point: <50 V

Minimum working devices: >75 %


Maximum gate-source voltage: 50 V

Maximum temperature rating: 150 C

Maximum drain-source current density 107A.cm-2

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