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  1. Patterned Electrodes

    Patterned Electrodes Patterned gold thin films on glass fabricated via e-beam metal evaporation. Titanium adhesion layer between gold and glass improves mechanical stability of gold film. Gold films exhibit high purity (99.999%) and low surface roughness (nanometer-scale roughness). These electrodes are fabricated without photoresist or organic solvents which may contaminate the surface of gold. Ideal for applications in MEMS Biosensors (bioMEMS), chemical sensor chips and microelectrodes. Features Excellent reproducibility Low surface roughness for high sensitivity and resolution High purity gold, no pre-cleaning required Transparent glass substrate enables optical analysis
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  2. Silicon Chips

    Silicon Chips Square silicon chips are ideal substrates for Microscopy and Spectroscopy applications. The chips are 10-mm square and 525-m thick. See bottom of page for additional properties. Silicon Chips Square chips of silicon are convenient and ready to use. Polished silicon exhibits low roughness. Atomically flat surface enables high resolution imaging for AFM and SEM applications.
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  3. Microwell Arrays

    Microwell Arrays The microwells arrays consist of honeycomb-patterned polymer supported on glass. The glass substrate at the bottom of the microwells can be treated with oxygen plasma for facile modification with self-assembled monolayers, proteins for cell culture, or other surface coatings. Microwell arrays are ideal for applications in cell culture, cell separations, and low-volume liquid handling. The microwells are 50-m deep, with side length of 100-m. APPLICATIONS These hexagonal microwell arrays are ideal for supporting and stabilizing liquid films, for live cell imaging, or for particle separations.
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  4. MiniFlex Fluid Cell

    Fluid Cells for AFM in Liquids Fluid Cells are accessories for imaging of samples in liquid using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Fluid Cells from Platypus Technologies are compatible with Ultra flat Gold, Glass Chips and Silicon Chips. Together, these products enable high-resolution, low-noise AFM imaging of samples submerged in liquid. MiniFlex Fluid Cell PDMS-based fluid cells attach to glass for easy and convenient AFM analysis. Cells are disposable to prevent contamination from sample to sample. Product Specifications: Material: PDMS Dimensions: 1 in x 1 in Thickness: 2 mm Outer circle: 20 mm Inner circle: 16 mm Inner opening: 7 mm x 7 mm
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