Single Crystals 2D materials

Single Crystals 2D materials
Single Crystals 2D materials
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    Product Description

    Below are the single crystal available with us.

    AuSe (alpha phase Gold Selenide)

    As2Te3 (Arsenicum Telluride)

    Bi2S3 (Bismuth Sulfide)

    Bi2Se3 (Bismuth Selenide)

    Bi2Te3 (Bismuth Telluride)

    Black Phosphorus

    P-As (Phosphor-Arsenic alloy)

    Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN, BN2A1)

    CrBr3 (Chromium Bromide)


    HOPG (Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite)

    HOPG (Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite)

    Natural graphite

    GaS (alpha phase Gallium sulfide)

    GaSe (2H phase Gallium Selenide)

    GeS (Germanium sulfide)

    GeSe (Germanium Selenide)

    HfS2 (Hafnium Disulfide)

    HfSe2 (Hafnium Diselenide)

    1T-HfTe2 (1T phase Hafnium Ditelluride)

    In2Se3 (2H Indium Selenide)

    MICA Muscovite

    MoS2 (2H Molybdenum Disulfide)

    2H-MoS2 natural (natural MoS2 hexagonal shaped)

    2H-MoS2 natural (natural MoS2 hexagonal shaped)

    MoSe2 (2H Molybdenum Diselenide)

    MoTe2 (2H Molybdenum Ditelluride)

    1T'-MoTe2 ( 1T' Molybdenum Ditelluride)

    NbS2 (2H Niobium Disulfide)

    3R-NbS2 (3R phase Niobium Disulfide)

    NbSe2 (2H Niobium Diselenide)

    NbTe2 (Niobium Ditelluride)

    PdTe2 (Palladium Ditelluride)

    PtSe2 (Platina Diselenide)

    PtTe2 (Platina Ditelluride)

    ReS2 (Rhenium Disulfide)

    ReSe2 (Rhenium Diselenide)

    Sb2Te3 (Antimony Telluride)

    SnS2 (2H Tin Disulfide)

    SnSe2 (Tin Diselenide)

    1T-TaS2 (1T phase Tantalum Disulfide)

    TaS2 (2H Tantalum Disulfide)

    TaSe2 (2H Tantalum Diselenide)

    TaTe2 (Tantalum Ditelluride)

    TiS2 (1T Titanium Disulfide)

    TiSe2 (1T phase Titanium Diselenide)

    TiTe2 (Titanium Ditelluride)

    VSe2 (1T Vanadium Diselenide)

    WS2 (2H Tungsten Disulfide)

    WSe2 (Tungsten Diselenide)

    WTe2 (Tungsten Ditelluride)

    ZrSe2 (Zirconium Diselenide)

    ZrSe3 (Zirconium Triselenide)

    ZrTe3 (Zirconium Tritelluride)

    Polymer for fast production of 2D heterostructures (2D_CL_PC)

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    • Middle East, Eastern Europe, North America, Asia
    • All India
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