Hionic Planar Substrate - 5 x 5cm

Hionic Planar Substrate - 5 x 5cm
Hionic Planar Substrate - 5 x 5cm
Product Description

HionicPlanar Substrate - 5 x 5cm

Product Code: 6201619

Patentedscandia doped zirconia-based substrate for research on intermediate to hightemperature (700 - 900C) Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) anode and cathodematerials. The Hionic substrate offers high strength for manufacturabilityalong with high conductivity for distinguishing subtle differences amongdifferent electrode materials.

TypicalUse Guidelines: Highly conductive Scandia based substrate for fabricatingsolid oxide fuel cells, or other high temperature applications. The Hionicsubstrates are ideal for long term testing, and other application whereimproved conductivity of an electrolyte support is desired.


Other Sizes AvailableInclude:

 2.0 cm Diameter
2.5 cm Diameter
10 cm x 10 cm

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